Grow Your Business
on Social Media

This digital, online course is for entrepreneurs, small business owners, and marketing professionals who desire to understand the psychology and systems of social media platforms to create social media campaigns that drive growth and success. 

Grow Social Media Bootcamp


What's inside

A proven system for Social Media engagement success!

  • Introduction to popular channel features
  • How to choose the best channel for your business
  • How to craft target audience personas
  • How to develop high-conversion, value-driven content
  • Social Media calendar template
  • Social Media tools, tips, and resources 
  • Social media advertising and promotion basics
  • Lifetime access
  • Bonuses galore! 
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Do you have a social strategy?

The stats are clear. Your target audience spends a lot of time on social platforms every day. "Do you have a content strategy that breaks through the clutter and drives them to you or your business?"

Does your social media engagement drive sales and outcomes?

Having a proven step-by-step system to create engaging, value-driven contentconsistently, leads to increased engagement and high conversion results. "What system are you presently using and is it giving you the results you hoped for?"  

Here's What Skills You'll Develop Taking This Course

The #Grow Social Media Bootcamp is an online, digital course with a total of seven modules. Download the course outline by clicking the button below.

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Learn Features of Popular Social Channels

Each social media channel has its own unique features. Learn what makes them different and how to recognize the right channels for you and your business. 

Choosing Channels Right for Your Business

Confused and challenged when choosing the right social channels for your business? We designed a social media matrix tool that makes this decision easy peasy.

Tools You Need to Succeed

To be successful on social media you need the right tools in your social media tool kitfrom graphic design to video editing software. We unearth the tools you need and how to use them.

A Proven System for Content Development

In real estate it's location, location, location! In social media it's content, content, content!  We teach you a proven method and system to develop value-driven, high converting content month after month.

How to Read Analytics and Measure R.O.I.

Do you know how to measure your social's success? To determine what's working, what's not, and what course corrections to make, we have fun doing a deep dive into reading analytics and how to measure R.O.I.

How Algorithms Effect Content Delivery & More!

What in the world does an algorithm have to do with it? Today, good content and the mysterious algorithm have teamed up to deliver you success! Learn how to engage your audience to make the algorithm happy! 

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What's inside

A proven system for Social Media engagement success!

  • Introduction to the features of popular channels
  • How to choose the best channels for your business
  • How to craft target audience personas
  • How to develop consistent, value-driven content
  • How to understand Social analytics and happy algorithms
  • Social Media tools, tips, and resource
  • Social media advertising basics
  • And so much more!
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Meet Your Instructor

Sarah Staub

Entrepreneur / Marketing Expert / Graphic Designer / Social Media Growth Strategist / Course Creator

You've heard the phrase, "Mi casa es su casa?" Well, here's mine, "My business grows your business." Helping entrepreneurs, start-ups, and established organizations create strategic growth through influential branding coupled with simple, user-friendly marketing methods and media tools that transform their online presence and client engagementthat's my business. #agency #design #marketing #social

I'm looking forward to seeing you in this course!