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Social Media Bootcamp

Are you an influencer who desires to grow your audience on Social Media?

Do you know what Social Media platform is best for your business or organization?

How about algorithms and analytics?  Do you know how they work?

This seven-module training course gives you everything you need to know the ins and outs and build a powerful Social Media platform!

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#PublishForward  Coaching Program

You've written a book to be read! Then why is it so hard to get people to buy it?

Do you find yourself giving your copies away for free? Are you lacking reviews on Amazon?

It's time to learn how to #PublishForward!

This game-changing ten-week course takes you from author to influencer while developing a 5-7 $$$ figure book launch! Take this program, and you will be read! Ready? Let's get started!  

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#WriteForward Coaching Program

Have you ever said, "I need to write a book?" or "I should start a blog?"

It's time to learn how to #WriteForward!

Starting a blog or writing a book isn't as scary or time-consuming as you think!

This fun ten-week coaching program takes you through the process of writing a blog that gets traction and a book that gets read—from scratch to finish!  Ready? Let's get started! 

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Four Corridors of Influence

If you desire to build an influence platform and have ever asked yourself, "where do I start?" then this e-book is for you!

Not only do you learn the four corridors of influence, but how to choose your starting point and start developing your influence platform.

And, as a bonus, the e-book comes with a mini-course to get you started!  

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"BlockTime" Daily Worksheet

Ready to "block time" to "create time?"

One of the most important skills an entrepreneur who aspires to succeed must learn is how to "block time" to complete the tasks needed to move a project forward. 

To help, we have created a worksheet that helps you create time by learning to "block it!" Click below to download this free tool and get started!

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