Ready to write? It's time to learn how to #WriteForward!

1. You have a book inside you, what are you waiting for? 

As an author, I constantly hear the words from friends, family, and acquaintances, "I want to write a book" or "I want to write, where do I start?"

My first response is always the same, "what are you waiting for?" 

Answers rarely vary. They range from a busy schedule to the internal insecurity of knowing how or believing they will be read.

What if I told you that the book inside of you is part of your destiny and you will do yourself and the world a huge disservice if you don't write it? 

And, if you don't start—it will never be written. 

When you join my live group coaching program, I'll teach you the mindset and how to put your voice to paper—every day. 

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2. Is the #writeforward track for you?

There are two tracks for writing and publishing a book.  The first track: "Writing the book" and the second track: "publishing the book."  Each track has its own strategy for success.  

If you are struggling to get started or continue what you started, you've come to the right place.  

Writing is more than putting words on paper, it is a mindset.

A mindset that combines your voice with the high-performance skillsets and motivational mastery to create consistent writing habits, ideation, and word proliferation to write and complete the book (as well as articles or blog posts) resident within you.  

Are you ready to write? Ask yourself two questions: "why haven't I written my book yet?" and "if not now, when?" The answers will determine "if you're ready to start today" and "your next step for writing your best-seller.

If your book is complete (or almost) you can skip the #writeforward track and go immediately to the #publishforward track to get the training and tools you need to create a 5-7 figure launch! 

3. Experience live group coaching 

This intensive group coaching experience is designed to provide you with the mindset, training, tools, support, and accountability you need to write and publish your book.

We meet weekly for ten weeks over Zoom and inside our circle community. Incrementally we build habits and push past fears to create a system that will serve you and your dreams of writing for the rest of your life!   

Space is Limited

Because of the coaching nature of this course, we only offer this exclusive program to a limited number of people.

New classes start the week of June 29th, 2022.

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Here's What You'll Learn in #WriteForward:

Developing a
Writer's Mindset 

We begin with the mental challenges and exercises needed to overcome those pesky voices that sabotage your dreams and plans to write. Our goal is to create a mindset that wakes up every day with anticipation and expectation!

Designing Your
Block System

Creating the habits that produce a finished book happens when you develop a block system that works for you.  In this course you will learn how to use your calendar as a tool for writing, not just appointments or a to-do list. 

Developing Your
Writer's Voice 

Have you ever picked up a book and thought, "I want to write like this author?" Whether fiction or non-fiction, every successful author learns how to transmit his or her voice, its inflections, and style onto paper.  I'll teach you how! 

Learn How to Format
Your Book for Success 

Writing is half of the challenge, the other is editing and formatting. Starting with the right template, note-taking, and footnote system, along with an editing system creates a seamless experience from beginning to end. 

Building Your Audience
Along the Way

You've heard it said, "it's not the destination, but the journey that matters." Nothing is more true for a writer.  Learning how to share your journey and grow a following while you write ensures a successful launch when you publish your book!  

Final Steps from Editing to Your Online Profile

You have just penned your last words, reclined in your chair with a Cheshire cat smile, and breathed a sigh of relief.  It's finished. What's next? In our last module, we look at editing, final manuscripts, and the next steps for publishing. 

Choose Your Track:

#writeforward or #publishforward

#WriteForward Course


or 3 payments of $129.00

  • Learn how to use your unique voice while you write
  • Cultivate a writers mindset needed to complete your book 
  • Learn how to build your email list and followers while you write
  • Learn how to choose editing tools and freelance help for editing  
  • 10 Weekly Group Sessions
  • Assignments to work on throughout the week
  • Miss a class? No worries, sessions are recorded
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#PublishForward Course


or 3 payments of $129.00

  • Learn how to build your target audience
  • Learn how to brand your name and book
  • Learn how to develop your promotional and email platform
  • Learn how to create and automate high converting social media content
  • Learn how to build partner relations for a high converting book launch
  • 10 Weekly Group Sessions
  • Assignments to work on throughout the week
  • Sessions are recorded
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Private Coaching Package

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  • 12 Customized Private Sessions
  • Customized Writing Strategy 
  • Develop the high-performance habits of book writing
  • Learn how to put your voice on paper
  • Learn how to build an email following while you write your book
  • Learn how to share content with your followers
  • Learn how to create a pre-launch campaign
  • Learn how to layout a print and e-book
  • Promotional Plan
  • Weekly Assignments

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Meet Your Coaches

Hadas Jacobs

Entrepreneur / Marketing Expert / Author / Course Creator

At age 23, Hadas was the President and CEO of two international companies, a marketing company with several start-up inventions,  and, of all things, training for a Triathalon.

Today, Hadas is an expert in online educational development, a best-selling author, and an international speaker.  

She has been writing,  editing, and publishing books for over thirty years.  She has worked with publishers and self-publishing platforms.

Hadas knows what it takes to help you become a best-selling author!

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Sarah Staub

Entrepreneur / Marketing Expert / Graphic Designer / Social Media Growth Strategist / Course Creator

Sarah's life's focus is on helping start-ups and established organizations create strategic growth through the use of influential branding coupled with simple, user-friendly marketing methods and media tools that transform their online presence and client engagement. #agency #design #marketing #social

Sarah is the founder and CEO of OliveTreeWorks.

She looks forward to seeing you #GrowForward!