OliveTree FREE November Digital Wallpaper is Here!

digital wallpaper olivetreeworks olivetreeworks wallpaper Sep 01, 2022

OliveTree has launched our Wallpaper Series, and we're excited to share it with you!

Have you ever walked into a home tastefully decorated with wallpaper? Stunning, isn't it?  It inspires vision, energy, elegance, texture, and, depending on the room, fun.  Furthermore, Wallpaper adds dimension to space.

The role of Wallpaper in the digital world is also used in the same way.  Think of your device (its Lock Screen and background screens) as rooms or spaces that can reflect your character, dreams, and passions.  Yes, adding a beautiful digital Wallpaper can be a source of inspiration and carry you through life's daily challenges!  

What is digital wallpaper? 

Simply, digital wallpaper is a digital image— an image of a photo, drawing, color, etc.  It is in the digital format of jpg or png. 

How do you add digital wallpaper? 

First, download the OT Digital Wallpaper onto your device. Our Wallpaper comes with two different mobile phone layouts. The layouts are great to use as a combination! Each pattern can be used as the phone background and the one with a quote for the lock screen. After you download them, you will find them in your downloads (if downloaded on your computer) or in your photos if downloaded on your phone! Once downloaded, you can add it to your screen(s).  

To add to your phone, open your phone and go to settings.  Then scroll down to Wallpaper and slide open.  Click the + sign to add new wallpaper.  You will see featured wallpapers and photos.  Choose the Wallpaper and save!  Place the background with the motivational quote on your Lock Screen and use the other for your phone background.  

Thoughts behind our OT November Wallpaper.

Fall is here, and November's wallpaper is aimed to help you keep calm despite everything speeding towards the end of the year. Remember to take time to relax, breath, and enjoy every day of the remaining days of 2022. 

Your wallpaper download includes:

  • Desktop wallpaper in three versions: Pattern, Pattern w/ Calendar, and with a Quote
  • Phone wallpaper in two versions: Pattern and Pattern with a Quote
  • Tablet wallpaper
  • Instagram quote


November's free wallpaper comes with two different mobile phone layouts. They are great to use as a combination – the pattern can be used as the phone background and the one with a quote for the lock screen. 



Quote for November 2022

"If you keep your pen inside your heart, your story will never be heard."


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