Let's CREATE Time!

block time productivity Apr 29, 2022

Have you ever said to yourself or others, "I don't have the time?"

Of course, you have.  

Have you ever uttered these sayings, "if only there was time, I have to find the time or I'll get to it when I have time? 

Me too!  

Time is a funny thing.  It's not something you have or don't have.  It cannot be found, lost, or changed.  Yes, it can be managed until it can't (we've all had those days haven't we?)

If we drilled down to the essence of time, we would come to the conclusion that TIME can only be CREATED or ACTIVATED.  Time is a spiritual and eternal component of life, which means it cannot be apprehended like a physical thing. 

How do we know "time" is spiritual?  Anything that exists but cannot be seen or touched is spiritual. It lives in the unseen world. Consider that you cannot grasp time, you cannot hold onto it, and you can NEVER retrieve it.  It passes minute by minute, second by second, nanosecond by nanosecond and more often than not, we are oblivious to its existence. It just is. 

Every dream, desire, choice, and decision exists outside of time itself.  Only when the dream is turned into action does it enter into the physical realm.  This means that the only way "time" can serve you is when "time" is in a state of "action." 

Consider that G-D created "time" to give mankind a framework in which to live, work, and play. A framework for life. He even designed the earth's rotation to create morning, daytime, evening, and seasons (in most places). 

G-D created time and gifted it to us as a tool, with one caveat. One that most have yet to realize.  "Time" has to be "put in motion" to benefit us.  In other words, we have to "create time" by "associating it with an action." 

Most of us have read books or have attended classes on Time Management (I even got a certification in Time Management from the Dale Carnegie Institute), and yet, we still struggle with "time."

So, let me ask you, have you ever read a book on, "how to create time?" 

I know, it sounds silly. How can "time" be created? 

As silly as it sounds, there is a way to "create time and put time into action?"  

In fact, this #1 thing is the secret sauce of every successful entrepreneur! 

How do you CREATE" "time?"

You create time by "capturing it" and "applying an action to it."  In other words, you "block it!" Yes, to create time you need to "block time." 

"Block Time" is the "act of harnessing time" by "connecting it to an action!" 

Learning how to arrange your life around blocks of time is a skill.  And when you learn this "skill," you're life will take on a whole new dimension of fulfillment!

Once you "block time" with an applied action, you have harnessed "time" and brought it into the physical realm.  It is now a tool at your disposal for accomplishing anything! 

How do you "block time?"

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Once you learn how to harness time and create within it - you're life will become more productive and you'll find that the words, "I have to find the time" will become, "I have to create the time!" 


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