Where Do I Start?

author coach course developer influencer Mar 06, 2022

It all began when . . .

I accepted an invitation from my friends, the Posner’s, for Rosh Hashana lunch (5782).

Upon arriving, I was pleasantly surprised to see my dear friend Shira and her husband, Ziv. One of the wonderful joys of having lunch at the Posner’s is their guest list. You never knew who will show up! But one thing is for sure, those seated at the table are the crème de la crème for interesting discussions. And both Shira and Ziv are at the top of the list. Shira was a tour guide at the Israel Bible Museum and Ziv is an archeologist who discovered an ancient altar from the days of King Solomon. They are two of the many guests who bring rich dialogue and soul food to the Posner table.

On this occasion, after a long-time apart because of COVID, I sat down to catch up with Shira. Just a few minutes into our conversation Shira asked if we could move from our perched positions on the kitchen stools to the comfy turquoise couch in the living room. As we exchanged seats and sat down, she turned to me and said, “Hadas, I need your help.”

During my battle with cancer (removal of the tumor, aggressive chemotherapy treatments, and radiation), I did a lot of research. Research regarding treatments, protocols, and nutrition. Cancer changed my life and learning about the relationship between cancer, food, nutrition, therapies, and protocols saved my life. And I want to help others. Friends and strangers tell me I need to write a book. Some say I should create a course, others say I should become a coach. I am not sure what I should do, but my biggest question is “where do I start?” Do I write a book first, create a course, or just coach? (She paused and looked into my eyes when she said, “coaching,” I knew that was her end goal.) Truthfully, I am not sure I want to take on any of it, but can you help me if I do?

As I looked back at Shira, I said to myself, “For this reason, I must create a quick start guide to help others like Shira, figure out a game plan for sharing their story, questions, answers, and solutions with the world.” And, I didn’t waste any time. As soon as Rosh Hashana services were over, I sat down and wrote the outline for the booklet entitled, “The Four Corridors of Influence—a Quick Start Guide.”

There are four main corridors that lead to the creation of a successful influence platform from which you can share your story, expertise, and knowledge with the world. They are:

  • Writing a book (includes blogging, articles, academic papers, short stories, etc.),

  • Developing a course (live or video),

  • Building a media presence (social media, podcasting, vlogging, speaking, interviews, webinars, etc.), and

  •  Becoming a Coach (groups or individuals).

Opening the door to any one of these corridors begins your journey of influence. Your story and expertise curated by experience, research, trial and error, and often suffering, is now ready to be packaged and shared.

However, like Shira, the question remains, “where do I start?”

  • The Book?

  • The Course?

  • The Media?

  • The Coach?

To learn where you start, click on the link for your free copy of the 4 Corridors of Influence!


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